Find your programme timetable. Where you will be studying, when, and who your tutor is. 


You can search by location, programme of study, departments and staff. For students wanting to know their programme timetable, use the Programme of Study tab. 


Click here to access the 2018 WelTec timetable


2018 timetable:

About 85 per cent of the 2018 timetable is now ready. If your timetable is not visible or if you get an error message, your timetable may not be ready yet. 

Contact studentadvisors@weltec.ac.nz for further information. 

Quick start:

Click the ‘Programme of Study’ tab. You will need to select your student group in the 'Select Student Group(s)' field. Options can be refined by selecting your programme first in the 'Select Programme' field.  

Select weeks and days you would like to search, and click 'view timetable'. 

The default timetable is shown between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. You can search evening classes or weekends by changing the settings. 

If you are unsure of any details contact studentadvisors@weltec.ac.nz for assistance. 


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