Wendy Trimmer, RN, MA(Applied) in Nursing, is an Academic Leader: Postgraduate Nursing and Health, Whitireia New Zealand. Wendy has over 26 years’ experience of working in mental health nursing and education sectors. Wendy has expertise in leadership, education, mental health, research, sensory modulation, and inter-professional practice. Research interests include Wendy has engaged in research in the following areas Context Based Learning, Leadership, New Entry to Specialist Practice (Mental Health Nursing), and Preceptorship. Her most recent research work has been looking at the effectiveness of new entry to practice (NESP) programmes within the mental health sector.


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Research and Development

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Presentations at Conferences and Seminars

Wills, H., Owen, K., & Trimmer, W. (2015). Increasing awareness and changing attitudes: A collaborative approach to mental health education for paramedic students. Conference presentation at Te Ao Maramatanga Conference, Te Papa, Wellington (July)

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