What is a degree apprenticeship?

The degree apprenticeship is a work-based degree that is intended to integrate academic learning with on-the-job practical training.

The intention is that the degree will be co-designed by employers and ITPs, with employers leading the process with the support and guidance of curriculum developers from the ITP sector. While the pilot has a focus on Infrastructure Asset Management, it is intended that this will be a model for other such industry sponsored degrees in any field of Engineering, or indeed in any other vocational area, such as business, IT and counselling. 

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Degree description

A degree apprenticeship is an in-work degree that integrates coursework with learning through industry-based projects. These projects are designed through collaboration between asset owners, contractor, and industry consultants.

Throughout the degree, there are periodic informal assessments and a rigorous end-point evaluation, where the candidate is awarded the degree by agreement between the educational institute, the employer and the relevant professional body. Included in this degree are the following:

  • The standard coursework for a Bachelor of Engineering Technology, delivered to meet the needs of on the job learners. 
  • A new major in Asset Management
  • Real industry-based projects
  • Possible additional micro-credentials. (E.g. OSH certificate etc.)

Valuable work experience that contributes towards professional accreditation.

The delivery of a Bachelor of Engineering Technology degree apprenticeship in asset management 

Degree Structure and Courses



The degree apprenticeship takes between 3 and 5 years to complete. The first block of work will take place over at least three trimesters, starting from July 2019 and ending in June 2020. At the end of each block of work there will be a gateway evaluation, allowing apprentices to proceed to the next block of work. The final assessment will be the end point assessment.

View the End-point assessment plan

Apprentices will be expected to allocate the following time:

For completion in 3 years

On the job training:       9 hours / week
Classes (tutorials & laboratories)  8.5 hours per week
Own time (assignments etc.)      8.2 hours/week
Times will be less if the degree is taken over a longer period

The estimated cost in time for the employer is approximately 70 hours p.a. for one apprentice. Increasing the number of apprentices per industry mentor will increase the time spent, but not proportionally.

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