Entry Requirements

Entry requirements ensure you are prepared for study with the right level of skills and knowledge to succeed in your programme of choice.

Academic requirements

The formal study you completed while at secondary school, such as:

  • NCEA with unit standards completed in literacy, numeracy and other areas
  • Previous school qualifications such as School Certificate or UE

English language requirements (International Students)

You’ll need a reasonable standard of English to gain entry into WelTec programmes. It’s likely you will meet this requirement if you did your schooling in New Zealand, or if the majority of your school programmes were taught in English.

International students may use an English Language Test such as IELTS to demonstrate you’ve reached the standard required. If English is not your first language, WelTec also offers programmes to help you become fluent enough to succeed in your studies.

If you are unsure if you meet the English Language requirements, contact an Enrolments Advisor.

Additional entry requirements

Some programmes may have additional entry requirements. These will be listed on the relevant programme pages under entry criteria.

Special entry

Special Entry may be granted to those who do not meet the academic or English language requirements but have relevant work and life experience.

If you apply for special entry, you will be interviewed by teaching staff and asked to provide the following:

  • CV of relevant work and recreational experience, or community involvement
  • Personal statement, explaining your core competencies
  • Referee or advisor’s report
  • Evidence of any qualifications or pre-entrance tests you have achieved

Applicants assessed as being capable of undertaking the programme will be permitted to enrol.


Check application closing dates for your programme of choice and make sure to apply well before then. Provided you meet the entry criteria, applications are typically accepted in the date order they were received. Apply early for popular programmes.

If you have any further questions, contact us.

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