Health Care

Find our more about local health services. First aid treatment is available on all campuses.

There are many local healthcare providers in the area, including free health care services in some cases. WelTec don't have any on-campus General Practitioner (GP) or nursing services. However we recommend that all students register with a GP/Healthcare provider of their own.

For further advice and information on health services, including a list of affordable healthcare providers in your local area, contact a Student Advisor.

You can save on health-related costs by getting a Community Services Card. Further details and application forms are available from the Student Hub, Petone Campus.

You can also always call HealthLine for free on 0800 611 116 for medical advice from a registered nurse – available 24 hours day. In a medical emergency, dial 111.

WelTec provides an independent student counselling Service. It’s free for all WelTec students. See more here.


Wellbeing support advice

Physical health 

• Eat healthy and often

• Stay hydrated for energy and mental clarity

• Exercise as often as possible

• Try to get a minimum of 7 hours sleep

How to stay focused

• Set goals; start small, set goals that are measurable and easy to achieve

• Identify any longer term goals you wish to work towards 

• Visually display your long term goals and your motivation for achieving them 

• Where possible set up a study space away from distractions


• Set aside time for yourself

• Find activities that you enjoy, this will help you to de-stress

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