Secondary Schools Term 3 Newsletter
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 Welcome to our third Newsletter for 2013

In this Issue:
Update on STAR
and School Activities
Open Day Update
WelTec Degrees
Update on Trades Academy
2013/14 Calendar
Update on Youth Guarantee
Zero Fees Programmes
Summer Maths Course
Online Ordering Guide
Student Advisors
We realise that this time of year is very busy with preparing senior students for exams and their future pathways.

2014 prospectusLast week we started sending out WelTec’s 2014 Prospectus and hope you have received these and students have had the opportunity to view the course options for next year. This year we sent these out on a request basis. If you would like to receive initial copies of our prospectus or our yet to be released 2014 programme guides please contact Bee Laing on For further copies please use our Online Ordering Guide, details enclosed later in this newsletter.

If your students have any questions about the courses we offer, our Student Advisors are available by phone 0800 935832, email, or in person to answer these queries.

Wishing you and your students well for the coming months and the exams they have ahead.

  Update on STAR and School Activities

Bee Laing We are halfway through four hospitality courses. The students are enjoying the opportunities and challenges in learning new skills in Bakery, Beverage Services, Cookery and Restaurant Services. Students that complete our hospitality courses with competence will gain credits towards NCEA.

We have had many compliments about our STAR students as they have participated in their assessments catering and serving customers. Our Beverage Services students need a special mention as their assessment was part of our School of Hospitality Showcase (openday) and as part of this event the students served approximately 400 guests with mocktails and a variety of hot drinks.

Information Evenings

We have a range of courses starting in November: - Introduction to Hairdressing, Introduction to Beauty Therapy and Introduction to Make-up Artistry. There are a few places still available if you have students interested in experiencing this world of glamour and creativity.

We are compiling our STAR offerings for 2014 and look forward to presenting these to you next term.

Thank you for the opportunities offered to us to be part of your school career events. We have enjoyed the conversations with the students and sharing the career pathways we have available. If we can assist with other events or with lunch time talks please feel free to make contact with me and we will do our best to meet your requests.

Bee Laing
Secondary School Liaison Officer
Student Experience Team
04 830 3084

 Open Day Update

Info Evenings On 22 August our Petone Campus opened its doors for secondary schools from around the region.  We had approximately 400 visitors with many taking part in the Seminars, Campus tours and Interactive Displays.  Delicious soup was served by the Trades Academy students and visitors had the chance to talk with staff about the career pathways and qualifications available to them.

Our Wellington CBD campuses were open on Friday 30 August.  We had approximately 100 visitors at our Church Street Campus where they had the opportunity to talk to our tutors about the career pathways and qualifications available, as well as look around the learning commons, student café and computer suites. 

And last but not least, our inner city School of Hospitality showcased their state-of-the-art facilities and exciting qualifications.  Approximately 400 visitors had the opportunity to sample drinks from our barristas and mocktail makers, and make their own pasta dish or decorate a cupcake. 

Thank you for those of you who came to some or all of our Open Days - It was great to see you there!

Petone Open Day


Hospitality Campus Showcase

Hospitality Showcase Cupcake making

We would love to hear from you about what you and your students thought of these Open Days and ideas on how we can improve them in 2014.

 WelTec Degrees on Offer for 2014

Info Evenings Academic excellence is a hallmark of all our degrees, as is our close relationship with industry experts.

New Degree - Bachelor of Applied Management

Our new 3-year degree provides a fast track into business management with a mix of theory and practice that is both relevant and in demand by employees.

The applied nature of this programme will give students the ability to meet business problems head-on and implement sustainable and focused business practices in a dynamic business environment. Their knowledge and expertise will be underpinned by a breadth of business expertise, which includes an historical perspective of business development and an understanding of multicultural influences on business operations.

Majors include:

• Accounting
• Human Resources Management
• Sales and Marketing
• Strategic Management

On reaching the workplace graduates will be able to integrate into their workplace environment quickly and have an key role in moving an organisation forward.

Classes start March 2014.

Visit the Bachelor of Applied Management webpage

 Update from Wellington Trades Academy

Hamish The Wellington Trades Academy has a current roll of 87. This includes six students who joined the hospitality class at the start of Term 3. These students have integrated successfully into the existing class and have joined the other students in developing their cookery skills with instruction from tutor, Toby Sanderson.  The hospitality students recently ran two 'pop-up' cafes and raised $200 for Red Nose day.

Quinta & Fabain

The focus for Term 3 is "Locking in Achievement". We are starting to see some significant shifts in attainment levels as more students complete NCEA Level 2. Currently 59% of students have NCEA Level 2 or 3 compared to 26% in Term 1. This percentage will increase rapidly as programmes such as hairdressing complete longer term practical requirements and we are confident that we will meet the targets set by the Ministry of Education and the Tertiary Education Commission.

The automotive class began the term with a two week stint in the automotive paint shop. Under the guidance of tutor, Dean Riches a number of the boys discovered that they have a real talent in this area. Alfie Leckie now has a very distinct car. Logan Wylie has an equally distinctive, if slightly less obvious, bike. Meanwhile the construction crew are adding the finishing touches to the large shelter that are constructing for the Khandallah Croquet Club.

WTA students

All schools should have received enrolment material for 2014. Students can submit enrolments at any time. We have revised the enrolment forms to reduce the duplication of information and to try and ensure that schools are fully involved in the enrolment process. If you have any queries about the Wellington Trades Academy, need more material or wish to bring students out for a visit please contact Hamish Davidson, 04 830 0164 or

Hamish Davidson
Associate Head of School of Foundation Studies
04 830 0164

 2013/14 Calendar

calendar We would love to make ourselves available if you would like WelTec to join you at any events or in the lunch time to talk to students.

If you could email me with the dates you would like us to assist with, we can then add these to the calendar. 


 Update on Youth Guarantee

Liz There has been a lot of interest in Youth Guarantee programmes for 2014 already.  We are currently taking details of those who are interested and will post out information packs and application forms when the programmes are finalised.

Youth Guarantee funding is available for selected programmes at level 3 and below.  The places for 2014 programmes have yet to be allocated. Below is a list of our proposed Youth Guarantee offerings for 2014 (these are subject to Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) approval):

HV4459 Certificate in Construction Trade Training (Level 2) – Masterton
HV4342 Certificate in Pre-Trade Painting (Level 2)
HV4451 Certificate in Automotive Paint and Panel (Level 2)
HV4475 Certificate in Mechanical Engineering (Level 2)
HV4517 Certificate in Electrical Engineering (Level 3)
HV4433 Certificate in Carpentry (Level 3)
HV4427 Certificate in Brick, Block Laying, Paving and Tiling (Level 3)
HV4478 Certificate in Applied Decorating Skills (Level 3)
HV4452 Certificate in Hairdressing and Beauty Services (Level 3)
HV4468 Certificate in Fashion Make-up Artistry (Level 3)
HV4473 Certificate in Automotive Technology (Level 3)
HV4432 Certificate in Hotel Reception (Level 3)
HV4259 Certificate in Tourism (Level 3)
HV4298 Certificate in Food and Beverage Service (Level 3)
HV4442 Certificate in Food Preparation (Level 3)
NC0633 National Certificate in Business Administration & Computing (Level 3)
NC0008 National Certificate in Business Administration & Computing (Level 2)

WelTec held a very successful Open Day at Petone campus on 22 August 2014. We held two seminars on "Youth Opportunities" at WelTec.  Lauren Hastings who is a current Youth Guarantee student spoke about her experience at WelTec.  She is studying National Certificate in Business Administration and Computing, Level 3 this trimester and Certificate in Animal Care in March 2014.  Lauren spoke about her previous educational experiences as "not being too successful", and how her confidence has grown in the short time she has been at WelTec.


She has made full use of all the support services available to her which assisted with lowering the barriers she had to learning.  She was struggling with Excel so she has been having weekly one-to-one session with Learning Support which she has found a great help.  She also meets with her Student Mentor on a regular basis to have a chat and address any problems she may be having.

The Youth Guarantee Scheme has given Lauren the opportunity to explore her career aspirations.  She has an action plan for her future study and has started along the road to progressing towards these goals.  Once she has completed the Certificate in Animal Care in June 2014 she will progress on to the Certificate in Vet Nursing, commencing in early 2015.  Between the period when Lauren completes her 2014 studies and recommences her studies in 2015, she is hoping to find work putting her business administration skills to good use.

Elizabeth Fokerd
Youth Guarantee Advisor
Student Experience Team

 Zero Fees Programmes

calendar WelTec has some great "zero fees" opportunities available to your students who may be interested in leaving school, or who may have family members who would like to benefit from this opportunity.
  • Certificate of Welding (Level 3)
    Commences 14 October 2013. Duration of 17 weeks.
    The certificate has been designed to give you all the fundamental skills you need to gain employment as a certified welder.
  • Certificate in Foundation Studies (Level 3)
    Commences 30 September 2013. Duration of 17 weeks.
    The certificate specialises in plasterboard preparation and finishing and will give you the key skills needed to begin work as an assistant to a plasterboard fix or finisher within the construction industry.

 Summer Maths Course

  As part of our commitment to STEM learning, we are offering a five week course to help students to upskill in maths and become study ready for 2014.
Summer Maths

 Online Ordering Guide

Order Button If you require copies of the prospectus, programme guides (brochures) or posters for your school, you may order online via the 'Secondary School Students' button on our homepage. With just a few easy steps you can make your order and our friendly student experience team will send it off to your school free of charge.

If you require assistance, you may contact Amon Heremia
on 0800 WELTEC.

For further details please find a step by step guide to ordering in your Secondary School Info Pack folder in section I.

web ordering page

The ordering button is located on the left column on the Secondary Schools landing page.

schools page

 Student Advisors

Introducing our Student Advisors

Our team of friendly, switched-on Student Advisors are the first port of call for all your initial enquiries.

We advise prospective students, assisting them through each step of their decision-making and enrolment process - helping them to make the right study choices to meet their needs.

We can provide you with subject-specific programme guides (brochures) and posters, the WelTec Prospectus, the WelTec Degree Guide, general WelTec posters and brochure display stands for your school.

We are also available to come along to your school’s careers events where we can bring all our information material and colourful pop-up display stands. 

We can also host your group at WelTec with general and subject-specific campus tours on request. 

If you could try and book well in advance for these services - it would be great!

We are available weekdays 9am - 5pm.

WelTec Student Advisors


Animal Health & Husbandry
Automotive Technology

Built Environment
Business Studies