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Student Project Examples

Projects from the Bachelor of Information Technology.

1. IPv6 Subnet Calculator
The IPv6 Subnet Calculator was developed by Software Engineering student Rhys Koedijk for Uli Fuerst as a free online resource. Since it was developed using PHP5, we are not able to host it on the WelTec website (we're still using PHP4.3). Todd Cochrane has kindly agreed to host it on his site www.liquidalchemy.com. Sorry IE users, this subnet calculator does not work with Internet Explorer. 

2. Allied Telesyn Switch Manager
Created in consultation with Allied Telesyn, this project extended the open source MRTG project to createa viable free reporting tool for network devices, primarily switches. This will form the basis of an on-going development by WelTec Students.
Students : Rotu Peneha, Nicola Heffernan, Tan Linh Le, Karin Toma

3. Course Recommendations Systems
This project utilises the power of Neural Networks to simplify gathering details from a potential student and gives advice about what IT courses to take to achieve their goals. 
Student: Stephen Whooley 

4. Infinity - Agile Systems
This research project investigated the differing Agile Software development methodologies emerging today, and assessed how they could be implemented by the Infinity software development team.
Students: Juliet White 

5. Render Farm Front End
This project created a job-submission and management system for a parallel computing cluster operated at WelTec. The cluster of around 60 computers is designed to create finished images - like those needed to make current animated features like Shrek - from the source design files.
This product is suitable for commercial usage with portability across various platforms, and support for simultaneous access from multiple farms.
Students: Grant Robinson, Siu Chuen Wu, Geoffrey McIver

6. Adventure NZ
Adventure NZ asked students to update their web site to include database driven content for providing tourist itenararies. They produced a simple client managed solution, with a framework in place for future business- to-business links.
Students: Melanie Jenkins, Eugene Teo, Pamela Joseph

7. BCL Database Upgrade
This project involved the planning, design, implementation and testing of multiple database in a live, commercial environment.
Student: Nadene Jones 

8. Tablet PC for Training
The tablet PC is driven by a pen, not a keyboard. This project looked at translating an existing training course into this new format and dealing with the challenges of integrating handwriting into a traditional text system.
Students: Natalie Johnson, Geoffrey Horner 

9. Steel & Tube - Management Survey System
Reverse appraisals, or staff assessing managers, in Steel and Tube can now be conducted any time and any place because of this project. The students developed a flexible system for flexibly creating and administering surveys through their internet and intranet.
Students: Christopher Calavrias, Yu Pin Lee, Chris Zhong Hao Chen

10. Quality, Safety and HR Database
This project is for BJ Cocksedge Limited, electrical heating element manufacturers, employing 65 people. The student's project was to design a Quality Safety and HR Database to replace an entirely paper-based system.
Student: Irina Baird

11. An Assessment of Back Propagation Neural Networks for Weather Forecasting
This research project looks at using local weather conditions and a Black Propagation neural network to predict the following day's barometric pressure.
Student: Sharmal Lal

12. An Assessment of Brain State in a Box Neural Networks for Database Assessment
This research project looks at using Brain State in a Box Neural Networks to assess the contents of a database and find data according to partial patterns provided.
Student : Radheshni Sharma

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