Student FAQ

What is the best way to get to the Petone campus?
Coming from Wellington try the 'Flyer' operated by Stagecoach. It runs throughout the day and you can catch it from the airport almost to the door. Coming by train from Wellington or the Hutt Valley, you can get off at Ava or Petone station. It is a ten minute walk to WelTec or you can catch a bus from Petone Station. Bus and train timetables are available in the Student Association in the Student Hub.

Mana Coach Services operates the ‘Polytech Link’ – a bus service from Porirua to WelTec Petone (see the pdf below for details).

Can I buy text books on campus?
We have an arrangement with Victoria Books who run a bookshop on Campus during the start of the Trimester. They have a wide selection of texts and will order other titles for you. This service is located in the Learning Commons, Level 2 Tower Block, Petone Campus.

I need to arrange childcare while I am on campus.
Contact Te Whare Ako Childcare centre and talk to the staff about your requirements.
The Early Learning Centre caters for under twos as well as over twos.

I am not sure if I want to do the course that I have enrolled in? 
Contact our Career Advisor, Alan Taylor on 9202 528 and make an appointment.  Alan is a trained career counsellor who will be able to provide advice and explore with you all the opportunities that WelTec can offer.

What must I do if I decide not to continue with my course? 
You must decide within two weeks of the course commencing and formally withdraw by completing a withdrawal application and handing it to your tutor or the Registry. (Refer to the Student Handbook for more information).

How will I get access to a computer?
Once you have enrolled and are eligible for a student ID card you will be able to log you on to the computers at WelTec using your student ID number, both as your logon username and as your password.  Once you have logged on a message should appear asking you to update your password.  If the message fails to appear you will still be able to update your password to the password of your choice by pressing the computer keys Ctrl+Alt+Delete simultaneously and then clicking on the 'change password' option.    

If you need to start using computer services and haven't completed your enrolment requirements you can still get a temporary ID from your tutor for the first two weeks of the course, to complete your enrolment or check your enrolment status please visit the Information Centre located in the Student Hub. 

Computer Services Help Document (PDF 75 KB)

Can I make a drink for myself on campus?
Visit Student Association located in the Student Hub and make use of the student kitchen facilities available to students which includes free hot drinks.  The International Centre and the Pasifiki Centre also have kitchen facilities that are available to students. 

What are the Information Centre's office hours and what services do they provide?
The Information Centre is located in the Student Hub, Tower Block, Petone Campus.

Monday to Fridays: 8 am - 5 pm

Visit the Information Centre to find out about:

  • Enrolment enquiries
  • Programme information
  • Student ID card
  • General enquiries
  • Paying your fees
  • Student parking

Is there a Student Association and are fees compulsory? 
There is a Student Association and the fees are not compulsory as it is now not compulsory to join the Student Association. Students pay on a pro rata basis depending on the length of their course. The Students' Association run an orientation programme which will provide information on the services that they provide.

Where do I get my Student ID card from?
Go to the Information Centre in the Student Hub to get your picture taken and ID card issued. Please note, you will need to have completed your enrolment requirements first. Your ID card provides access to the Library and you must show it to the security guards or tutors if asked. You will also need your card to gain access in the evenings and weekends.

Have you got a gym that is available for students? 
The Exercise Science Centre run a number of programmes generally during the lunch hour. Talk to the people on the ground floor of B Block about your requirements.

I am having difficulties with my studies and I am not sure where to get help.  
Talk with your tutors first. They are very keen to help you make the most of your studies. You can also talk to the team in the Learning Support Centre on Level 2 of the Tower Block, Petone Campus. The Ability Resource Co-ordinator Gooda is available to help any student who has a disability that creates difficulty accessing educational or physical resources. Te Whare Awhina and the Pasifiki Centre both run programmes to provide support to students.