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Petone Campus

Location:            Student Hub, T Block
Opening Hours:  Monday to Thursday      7:30am – 6:00pm
                         Friday                          7:30am – 4:00pm
                         Please note these opening hours apply during term

Offers Bruno Rossi coffee, homemade cakes, slices, sushi, salad, pasta and fresh sandwiches, rolls, and wraps. There is a snack machine, as well as hot and cold drink machines

Wellington Campus 

Location:           Level 3
Opening Hours:  Monday to Friday       8:00am – 2:30pm

Offers breakfast specials every day.  There is also a self-service lunch bar, which offers a variety of hot food, freshly made sandwiches, muffins, cakes & slices.

Car parking and Student Parking Permits

Petone Campus

All cars parked in WelTec Petone campus parking areas need a parking permit. These include all parking inside the gates of the Petone Recreation Ground and N Block (Cuba Street) parking.

Free parking is available at the Udy Street car park.  Both Staff and Students do not require a parking permit to park here.

Students who wish to park in a controlled area may purchase a permit from the Information Centre, T Block, Petone Campus by producing their student ID card.

Parking permits must be displayed at all times when parking in WelTec parking controlled areas. A permit does not guarantee a car park. It only entitles the permit holder to park in the designated areas if space is available. Permit stickers must be placed on the rear window, on the driver’s side.

Wellington Campus

WelTec does not supply student parking at the Wellington Campus. The car parks in the basement are for staff and visitors only. However, there are two designated mobility car parks in the basement of the building which are managed by the Disability Coordinator who can be contacted on telephone 9202 476.

The Capital Car Park and the Tournament Car Park parking buildings on Boulcott Street offer an early-bird rate for a full day’s parking. 


Complaints Process

You are always welcome to provide feedback aimed at either improving services or identifying instances of good practice.

If you are unhappy about a situation, you should try to talk about it directly with the person concerned in an attempt to resolve it together. If you are not able to achieve this or if you believe the situation has had a direct or significant adverse impact on you, the following options are available:

  • Tell a WelTec staff member
  • Talk to a Student Voice Representative
  • Fill out a WelTec Confidential Complaint Form.
    You may attach a letter or email explaining your complaint and give it to a WelTec staff member, or a Student Voice Representative.
  • Talk to the Learning Commons team

The full Feedback and Complaints Policy can be viewed here

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Upon hearing the alarm, either sirens or bells:

In an emergency evacuation you should:

If an earthquake occurs:

  • Leave the building with the rest of the class. Use exits indicated on the “Fire Action” notices displayed in every room and go to your assembly area. Do not use lifts
  • Arrange for someone to stay with students with a physical disability and tell the fire warden where they are located. Students with a disability should discuss an individual evacuation plan with the Ability Resource Coordinator
  • Turn off all electrical equipment, and make your work area safe
  • Stay with your class. Your tutor will check the register to ensure all class members have left the building safely
  • Do not re-enter the building until authorised to do so
  • Remain calm
  • DO NOT use lifts
  • DO NOT stop to collect personal belongings such as bags etc
  • DO NOT take food or drink with you
  • Keep smoke stop doors closed at all times
  • Stay in the area you are in
  • Move away from windows, glass partitions and from any equipment that could fall on you or that could move about
  • Take cover under solid furnitures such as tables or desks
  • Beware of falling ceiling tiles if unable to gain shelter
  • Keep calm. Help anyone who may panic
  • If you are in a lift, get out of the lift at whatever floor it stops at. Stay on that floor until told to evacuate. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RETURN TO THE CLASSROOM/WORKSHOP
  • Do not leave the building until told to do so. A warden will give this instruction

The building will only be evacuated if it is dangerous to stay inside. It is possible that an earthquake would set off fire alarms.

Reporting Accidents and Incidents 
All accidents and incidents that occur on any campus or during learning activities outside the campus (including field trips) must be reported to your tutor as soon as possible (no longer than 24 hours). The tutor will then complete an Accident Report Form and Accident Investigation Form to submit to the relevant Head of School.


Click the links below for the appropriate form.

Harassment Prevention

WelTec is committed to a safe learning and working environment. As such, WelTec actively promotes its policy of harassment prevention for both staff and students.

Any member of the institute’s community who believes they are being subjected to harassment, be it sexual, racial or bullying, should contact one of the WelTec contact persons.

The contact person is responsible for listening to you and taking down a written statement. They will outline the options open to you and offer to arrange any assistance you may require. They will ensure your complaint is dealt with as soon as possible and inform you of any developments.

Students and staff are welcome to, and are actively encouraged to, have a support person present at any time during the process for dealing with harassment.

Please contact the Academic Director's Office or Human Resources on (04) 9202 409, (04) 9202 410 or (04) 9202 786.

If at any time you are not happy with the process, or you do not feel comfortable dealing with the matter inside WelTec, you may contact the Human Rights Commission on (04) 4739 981. They will give you information on what to do next.

IT Support

WelTec provides you with computers, printers/ photocopiers, and software on our campuses to support your study. You can even bring in your own device and connect to our wireless network on most campuses. 

Computer logins

You will be given a computer log on and a default password at orientation once you have accepted your offer of place on your programme. 

For help email: learningcommons@weltec.ac.nz or call 0800 935 832

Student Email

You are automatically given a Microsoft Outlook Student email account as an enrolled student. 

Your student email address is: yourusername@student.weltec.ac.nz

Log on to your Student Email here

The Student Email link is also on the WelTec website homepage under Current Students, and also on the Student intranet.


Use the Citrix gateway to change/reset your network password from off campus if it is about to expire or has expired. 

If your password has expired you will be prompted to change it when you log in. 

Wireless Access - WelTec-BYOD

WelTec provides a free, Café style Wireless Network.

WelTec-BYOD is a wireless internet connection available for all enrolled students who have a wireless-compatible device. This wireless connection replaces UMD. 

How do I log in to WelTec-BYOD?

·         Use your wifi settings on your device - WelTec-BYOD should instantly be visible as a connection.

·         Enter your WelTec username and password and Connect.  

Where is WelTec-BYOD available?

·         Petone A Block

·         Petone B Block

·         Petone C Block

·         Petone G Block

·         Petone J Block 

·         Petone N1, N3, and N6 Blocks 

·         Petone O106 and O109 

·         Petone T Block

·         Petone R Block and Restaurant

·         Church Street all levels 

·         Regent Centre all levels 

What devices have been tested to work with this network? 

·         Windows 7 and newer 

·         Windows mobile 7 and newer 

·         Android phone and tablets

·         IOS 7 (iPads, iPhones, MacBooks) 

·         Most other wireless compatible devices should work

Online Learning (Moodle)

Moodle spaces are provided for many courses - your tutor will give you details of this during your first few days of study.

IT Help

For all IT assistance, call us: 0800 WelTec (935 832) or (04) 920-2400 or see more IT support information on our Moodle A-Z

Email: learningcommons@weltec.ac.nz 

or visit the Learning Commons Helpdesks

·         Level 2, Tower Block, Petone Campus  

·         Level 3, Church Street Campus, Wellington 

·         Level 2, Hospitality Campus, Wellington

 Conditions of Student Computer Use (pdf)

Library Services

Library Services are available at all of our campuses with access to print, online material, and help with finding the resources required to support your study. The Learning Commons Librarians are here to assist you with your study needs by guiding you to a wide range of relevant books, journals, videos and online resources. They will assist you to research information on your chosen subjects and to reference your material correctly using the APA referencing format.

Call in and chat with the Library staff at your campus Learning Commons with any questions you may have.

Contact us at:

Phone: 0800 141121. 
Email: learningcommons@weltec.ac.nz
Web: http://weltec.spydus.co.nz/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/MSGTRN/OPAC/HOME

Payment of Course Fees 

You must pay or make arrangements to pay your fees by the start of your programme of study. An invoice specifying the fees will be sent to you with your confirmation letter.

Payment may be by credit card or cheque and EFTPOS facilities are available in the Student Information Centres at both the Petone and Wellington CBD campuses.

Cash payments will not be accepted at any WelTec Campus. Payment can be made through internet banking into the following BNZ bank account: 02 0544 0013731 000. Please include your Student ID in the Particulars, your name in the Code and the invoice number in the Reference.

For most programmes, you may take out a student loan to pay your fees. To access Student Loan Funding apply to StudyLink (0800 88 99 00) or www.studylink.govt.nz. Please apply early since any delay in our receiving your fee payment from StudyLink means that WelTec can begin debt collection procedures.

If you are not eligible for a Student Loan for your programme of study, you may apply to pay your fees by automatic payment. For more information please visit, call or email the Student Advisor Team, phone: 0800 935 832 or email: studentadvisors@weltec.ac.nz 

If fees are not paid, or suitable arrangements to pay not made within 14 days of programme commencement, computer, and library access may be withdrawn and WelTec debt collection procedures will start. You will receive two reminders by mail of the unpaid fees, then the debt will be passed to our debt collection agency. Any charges relating to the debt collection will be passed to you. If you are having problems paying fees, please talk to a Student Advisor as soon as possible either by visiting the campus, phoning (0800 935 832) or emailing: studentadvisors@weltec.ac.nz

NB: Computer log-on access and your WelTec student e-mail address will be withdrawn at the expiry of the official withdrawal period if fees remain unpaid or no arrangement for payment has been made.  

If your fees remain unpaid, WelTec reserves the right to cancel your enrolment. The cancellation means you will not be able to attend class or complete your programme of study. It does not remove your liability for the outstanding fees. If your enrolment is cancelled, it may be reinstated on payment of the outstanding fees debt.  

If any fees are unpaid at the end of your programme of study (such as cross credit fees, library fees, childcare fees), your results and any award/s will not be released until the outstanding balance are paid. This means you will not graduate from your programme.  

Further enrolment at WelTec will not be permitted if you have an outstanding balance. 

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) 

Recognition of Prior Learning enables a person to be awarded credit for one or more course or unit standards without having to undertake a formal course of study.

What is required for RPL?
The process requires an applicant to demonstrate that they are able to satisfy the assessment criteria of the courses or unit standards for which they seek RPL. This can be done by attestation, a portfolio, a
journal, certificates, an interview or tests. The method to be used will be discussed with you as part of the application procedure.

More Information:


WelTec provides security services at the Petone and Wellington Campuses.

From 8am 12am, please ring the main phone number 0800 935 832 (0800 WELTEC) and someone will put you in touch with one of our Security Officers.

Outside of these hours please ring:

WelTec Security 021 240 2077 or evenings 027 225 4560
Lower Hutt Police (Petone) (04) 5602 600
Wellington Police (04) 3812 000
Emergency 1-111

If you have any general concerns about Security, please email facilities@weltec.ac.nz


WelTec is proud that all of our campuses became smoke-free on 1 January 2014. A smoke-free campus means a healthier environment for staff, students, and visitors.

Where can you smoke?

People can smoke outside the campuses on public land, for instance along Church St downstairs from the Wellington Campus building.

Student ID Cards

Once you have accepted your place on your programme you will be able to get your student ID card.  This can be done by having your photograph taken at one of our campuses, or for students studying by distance, or for those unable to visit us in person, you can email your photo to studentadvisors@weltec.ac.nz and will send your ID card to you.

Your Student ID card is used for:

  • Printing and photocopying
  • Proof of ID for examinations
  • Library
  • Student discounts  

For further information please contact a Student Advisor:

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8.00am-5.00pm
Phone: 0800 WelTec (935 832), Outside New Zealand: 64 4 9202 400
Email: studentadvisors@weltec.ac.nz

Transfers / Changes to Enrolment

You can change the courses in your enrollment by completing a Transfer / Change Enrolment form.

Return the form to Reception at any Campus or Mail to Private Bag 39814, Lower Hutt 5045
Applications must be received before the start of the course, or within the approved refund period (see below).  After these dates, change to your enrollment will not be processed with a refund except under exceptional circumstances.

Withdrawals and Refunds

International Students
See the International Student Refund Policy

NB: There are no refunds after the start of the programme of study except in exceptional circumstances.

Domestic Students
To be eligible for a refund and to have your Academic Record amended a withdrawal application must be received in writing. You can complete a Withdrawal Application form and return it or you can withdraw formally by sending an email to enrolments@weltec.ac.nz. State the programme and include your full name and student ID in the email.

Refunds will be made under the following circumstances:

  1. If WelTec cancels a programme any fees paid will be refunded in full. 
  2. If your written application to withdraw is received before course start or within the approved refund period (see table below) WelTec will refund your fees. 
  3. If your withdrawal application is received after the approved refund period no refund will be paid except in exceptional circumstances. In such cases, you must complete an Exceptional Circumstances Application Form and provide documentary evidence of the exceptional circumstances. Generally, exceptional circumstances are events outside your control such as illness, accident, or an unexpected change in circumstances. A refund or transfer of fees may be considered. 

Course duration

Last date for refund

17 weeks

10 working days from course start

32-34 weeks

20 working days from course start

Contact: The Information Centre
Phone: 0800 WelTec (935 832), Outside New Zealand: 64 4 9202 400
Email: studentadvisors@weltec.ac.nz
Mailing Address: Wellington Institute of Technology
Private Bag 39803