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Wellington Trades Academy

The Wellington Trades Academy is an exciting educational venture involving a partnership between WelTec and secondary schools in the greater Wellington region. You can remain engaged in education, be assisted in transition from a secondary to a tertiary learning environment, and achieve NCEA Level 2 and a national trades qualification.

Focus on your future

If you are a senior secondary school student ready to continue your learning in a new environment, while gaining valuable vocational skills and qualifications, you have come to the right place.

We are focusing on students who want to start their vocational training while completing their senior secondary school education in a rigorous, academic and vocationally oriented environment.

Practical hands-on learning

While at the Trades Academy you’ll learn in a practical, handson,activity and project-based environment using the latest equipment and technology relevant to your chosen future. You will also develop the foundation skills you need so you can progress to higher learning opportunities or move directly into employment.

You will undertake a one year 120 credit programme and have the opportunity to achieve NCEA Level 2, as well as a qualification in one of seven trade disciplines. You’ll also learn the life skills that will set you up for the future. The following pages outline what you’ll learn in each trade area.

How it works

The Wellington Trades Academy is part of WelTec but has its own distinctive identity. You’ll keep regular secondary school hours, but study full-time at the WelTec campus in Petone.

At the same time you will remain enrolled at your secondary school so that you can continue to participate in the co-curricular activities that schools offer such as sport, music or social events.

Tutors are specialists in their fields and have many years of experience both in education and in the trades industry. They will build a relationship with you and ensure that your needs are well looked after.

As a Trades Academy student you will spend four days a week in your selected trades programme. One day a week is spent in a core programme developing trades related skills and knowledge.

We know that transport is expensive. To help you get to the Trades Academy, WelTec and the Ministry of Education will subsidise your travel costs.

Trades on offer

Places will be available to students in:

Click here for a 2015 programme overview.
Download the programme guide for information on the subject ares.

Wellington Trades Academy offers:

To be eligible to enrol at the Wellington Trades Academy you should have achieved at least 60 credits at NCEA Level 1 including the requirements for NCEA Level 1 literacy and numeracy. However, if you don’t meet this requirement you can apply for special entry.

If this is you, ask for an Application to Enrol form from your Careers Advisor or Dean (or download from link on the left). Make sure you get someone from your school to complete the Confidential Reference Form.

Once we receive your Application to Enrol form and confidential reference from your school, we will invite you to WelTec for an interview. You can bring family and whanau or other support people with you. This interview helps to ensure that you understand the programme, are making the right
choice and starts the process of planning for success next year.

There are a fixed number of places available so enrolments that meet the key criteria are accepting in the order that they are received.
Application to Enrol forms are also available for download (on the left) or by calling 0800 935 832.

2015 Key Dates





9 February

2 April


20 April

3 July


20 July

25 September


12 October

6 November (part-time programmes)

20 November (full-time programmes)



Term One


9 February

Trades Academy Programme begins

2 April

Term One ends


Term Two


20 April

Term Two begins

27 April


1 June

Queen’s Birthday

3 July

Term Two ends


Term Three


20 July

Term Three

25 September

Term Three ends


Term Four


12 October

Term Four begins

26 October

Labour Day

6 November

Term Four ends (part-time programmes)

20 November

Term Four ends (full-time programmes)

For more information

Contact our Student Advisors Team on 0800 935 832 or studentadvisors@weltec.ac.nz for more information.