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Workplace literacy

Working with you to address the literacy and numeracy needs of your workforce

More than 40% of New Zealanders aged 16 - 65 years have low literacy levels. Although most of these people can read and write, they can’t meet all of the literacy demands of everyday life and work now and in the future. More than half of our adult population have low numeracy levels. ( International Adult Literacy Survey 2007)

You may not be aware of the literacy challenges of your workforce but there are common signs that may indicate that literacy is an issue for your team:

  1. Mistakes: work frequently has to be re-done. Basic errors hold up the workflow. Instructions are often misunderstood.

  2. Poor paperwork: forms, reports and job costings are completed incorrectly or left unfinished.

  3. Excessive wastage: wastage levels are higher than they should be. Putting in place incentives or penalties to reduce wastage makes little or no difference.

  4. Limited feedback from employees: employees are reluctant to make comments, suggestions or give feedback. They shy away from problem solving and decision making.

  5. Accidents: your business has more workplace accidents – or near accidents – than it should, even though you provide health and safety training.

  6. Resistance to new initiatives: your employees resist making changes and come up with excuses to avoid starting a new initiative or taking on more responsibility.

    (from skills highway.govt.nz )


How can WelTec help?

WelTec receives funding from the Tertiary Education Commission to work with businesses to improve the literacy and numeracy skills of their workforce.  For eligible employees, WelTec can work in partnership with your business to develop a programme that will build the literacy and numeracy skills of your workforce that are relevant to your business.

  • Health & Safety awareness and related documents

  • Workplace communication including speaking and listening

  • Processing orders and work instructions

  • Writing reports and case notes

  • Reading notices and work instructions

  • Changes in technology at work

  • Participating in meetings

If you have existing staff training programmes that may have challenging language for employees we can develop a programme to run before or alongside your existing training initiatives. This will ensure that you are maximising the benefits of your training by making sure that employees fully understand the training that you are providing.

Programmes run for forty hours for between 10 to 20 weeks. Staff must be New Zealand citizens or be permanent residents. We assess prospective learners before starting the programme to check where they are with their skills and knowledge. We assess at the end of the programme to measure the learner’s improvement.

We look forward to working alongside you to make your business even more successful.


“WelTec has been very flexible in how the support was provided. They showed a great understanding of our organisation...This resulted in a very impressive tutor / learner match which optimised the potential and ultimate outcomes of the partnership.”

Dee Hyde
Learning & Development Manager
Community Connections - Te Hapori Awhina Tangata

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Marian Petrie
Business Workplace Training Coordinator

Marian is the Workplace Training Coordinator for the Learner Journey Centre of Learning. She actively works with businesses to assess their workplace training needs. Marian is the link between our workplace training tutors and our clients.

Email: Marian.petrie@weltec.ac.nz
Phone: +64 4830 0887
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