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WelTec Key Statistics

Wellington Institute of Technology delivers:

  1. highly productive graduates who have world-class skills and knowledge; and
  2. students who are work-ready and can contribute to enhancing company productivity.

WelTec Key Statistics

8,696 students studied at WelTec in 2015. 
This equated to almost 4,066 EFTS.

Educational Performance Indicator (SAC)

WelTec's 2015 EPIs

Successful Course Completion


Qualification Completion


Student Progression


Student Retention


WelTec has 17 industry advisory committees, many of which include the major employers in the greater Wellington region. 

Employers say:

  • WelTec’s qualifications are relevant (91%).
  • WelTec’s graduates are work ready (89%).
  • Student Satisfaction (96%)

According to recent surveys 75% of graduates who had recently graduated, advised us they were already in employment and/or going onto further study. A further 22% were work ready.

Students studying at WelTec achieve qualifications that enable them to enter the workforce, i.e. graduates are work-ready. 95% of WelTec students undertake work experience as part of or while studying for their qualification.  The integration of work experience with academic study is a key feature of WelTec’s programmes.  Having real hands-on experience with industry while students are studying means students’ learning is greatly enhanced.  Many of WelTec’s students go on to work for the employers they have been placed with while they are studying. 

The Tertiary Education Commission TEC has awarded WelTec a low risk rating for its financial performance.