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WelTec Advisory Committees

At WelTec we pride ourselves on being innovative and creative especially when we are developing and reviewing our programmes of study. WelTec qualifications provide a skilled workforce ready to contribute to and drive a successful economy. The role of advisory committees is critical in terms of providing input into how WelTec qualifications meet industry demand for relevant skills.

Advisory committees include leaders from industry, professional bodies and key business organisations from throughout the Wellington region. Many are the major employers in our region and are well placed to advise on changes in the workplace and industry trends that need to be reflected in qualifications. As such, advisory committee members play a key role in contributing to WelTec’s reputation as a provider of quality education programmes by utilising their skills, knowledge and experience of their industry. Student representatives enrich advisory committees by having current or recent study experience at WelTec.

Advisory committees have a unique insight into what is required to drive our economy and what is needed to prepare students to contribute in a rapidly changing and demanding workplace. Advisory committees provide input into WelTec’s programmes of study and our qualifications. They help to ensure that WelTec qualifications are sought after by employers.  The focus of advisory committees is on providing industry input into programmes of study/qualifications and academic content and quality.

Advisory committees are sub-committees of WelTec’s Academic Committee. There are 17 advisory committees across WelTec and details of these can be found on the links below:

  1. Alcohol and Drug Advisory Committee
  2. Atiawanuit onu Committee
  3. Automotive Technology Advisory Committee
  4. BEng Tech and NDE Advisory Committee
  5. Built Environment Advisory Committee
  6. Business Advisory Committee
  7. Counselling and Trauma Studies Advisory Committee
  8. Creative Technologies Advisory Committee
  9. Exercise Science Advisory Committee
  10. Funeral Services Advisory Committee
  11. Health Disability, Aged Care Support and CVLS Advisory Committee
  12. Hospitality Advisory Committee
  13. Information Technology Advisory Committee
  14. Pasifika Advisory Committee 
  15. Plumbing Advisory Committee
  16. Trades Academy Advisory Committee
  17. Youth Development Advisory Committee