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Industry Placements

WelTec’s Industry Placements are a fantastic opportunity for students to get into one of several exciting careers, and provide them with an excellent opportunity to gain valuable work experience.  Currently, various opportunities are available for students to consider. 

How do they work?

Depending on the programme of study, successful applicants studying towards a qualification may have an opportunity to gain work experience in a relevant industry and may receive part-time or holiday work. Such opportunities often lead to offers of permanent employment for WelTec graduates.

Are you eligible to apply?

Once enrolled in an eligible diploma or degree programme of study at WelTec, you'll have the opportunity to apply for a range of Cadetships offered by some of New Zealand's leading companies. Once accepted, you may be offered up to 100% of your fees paid, part-time and holiday paid work, mentoring and significantly improved chances of employment upon completion.


  • Compulsory Work Placement:
    Students undergo short term training or work experience with a relevant employer to satisfy academic requirements. 

  • Cadetships:
    A long term apprenticeship with an industry  (usually more than a summer term) which brings value in terms of exposure and experience to a student along with some form of remuneration or an allowance.   Usually cadetships are bound by a contract for a maximum period of one year between the employer and the cadet.  Cadetships in most cases provide job assurance to the cadet after course completion.

  • Internships:
    A short term apprenticeship or a summer job with specific achievable goals as planned by the employer or a mentor.  Internships are mostly paid or carry an allowance. In some cases, they are unpaid; nevertheless brings value in terms of experience and / or academic value to the intern. 

  • Projects:
    Short term projects around 500 hours of work during one trimester, bringing academic value to students before their Degree / Diploma completion.

  • Job Opportunities:
    Advertised to support students who are either going to complete a qualification or has completed a qualification in the immediate past (< 3 months approximately) to support them on their job search.  Though this does not bring any direct value to a current WelTec student, but it helps students to identify employers and apply for jobs.

Industry placements may be available in the following disciplines

Interested in finding out more?

Employers  -  Would you like to know more about our placement opportunities - Contact the Industry Partnership Coordinator on 0800 WELTEC (0800 935 832). Alternatively you can emailus and we will contact you.

Students - Are you interested in applying for an industry placement,  or would like to discuss your options - Contact our Student Advisors on 0800 WELTEC (0800 935 832).