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FAQs for Employers

What is a WelTec Technology Cadetship?
The WelTec Technology Cadetship programme aims to encourage students to enter technical occupations through work-based training programmes. They have been developed in response to the need from industry to recruit and retain highly skilled and motivated staff.


How does it work?
The WelTec Cadetship is a contractual relationship between individuals and companies. The Cadetship arrangements are set out in a contract of training and employment like those used for traineeships and apprenticeships.

You may employ a WelTec Technology Cadet directly into your business at the start. Or, alternatively, you may elect to enter into a contract to sponsor the cadet over the period of their training. This does not become an employment agreement until you choose for it to become one.  

These cadets can join an existing WelTec diploma or degree programme or, if there are sufficient numbers, a programme will be established specifically for a group of cadets and can be customised to meet needs.

What employment conditions are applicable for Technology Cadets?
Agreements will be negotiated on an individual basis. A fee subsidy and offer of paid summer vacation work is a minimum.

Can the training be customised to suit the needs of our business?
Yes.  A customised package of skills can be developed to meet the unique needs of your business. Cadets can work on projects within your business as part of their course. They can also work part time as an employee. Specific areas of specialisation relevant to your business can be built into the individual programmes.

What training does it involve?
The WelTec Technology Cadetship takes two to three years. During this time, formal training will be undertaken through WelTec on a full time or part time basis with the summer vacation spent in paid employment with the industry sponsor. 

These programs will result in National Diplomas in Mechanical, Civil and Electrical Engineering, or WelTec diplomas and degrees.

How much will it cost?
Cadetships involve a company subsidising student fees from between 50 and 100 percent. Sponsor companies may also choose to meet material or accommodation costs for students.

There may also be a minimal fee involved to jointly advertise for recruits.

When will the WelTec Technology Cadetship be available?
The WelTec Technology Cadetship will be start in February 2008.

What is the future of the WelTec Technology Cadetship Programme?
The WelTec Technology Cadetship Programme will be expanded allow cadets to 'staircase' into a Bachelor of Engineering Technology and Bachelor Engineering Degree programmes if required. The WelTec Technology Cadetship will also grow to include a broader range of industry sectors. In addition, it is planned to promote the WelTec Technology Cadetship into schools, providing more opportunities for developing your ideal future workforce.

Who can we contact for further information:
0800 WelTec (935 832), Outside New Zealand: 64 4 9202 400