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Student Industry and Cooperative Project

The Project

The Industry Project and Cooperative Projects are the capstones of the Graduate Diploma and Bachelor of Applied Management in Accounting and Finance, Event Management, Hospitality Management, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management and Sales and Marketing, which students normally complete in their final semester of study. By negotiation students can arrange to extend the length of this project to allow them to fit other commitments, such as work. Students will be required to apply their knowledge and skill to a workplace issue and will reflect on their learning experience through this application. They prepare for work through professional practice components completed during the project.

The project file can be found here.

The Project involves an agreement between the student, the institution and industry.

WelTec will appoint a Course Coordinator with a time allowance for the Project course. This academic staff member will have overall responsibility for the course. All student proposals for Industry Projects will be signed-off by the Course Coordinator. The Course Coordinator will be responsible for obtaining Faculty of Business and Institute Ethics Committee approval. They will also mark all submitted Industry Projects to evaluate for consistency and standard.

WelTec will appoint an Academic Supervisor to each student enrolled in the Project. This academic staff member will be a subject matter expert and will provide relevant academic support in a subject discipline to the student. They will supervise all aspects of the Project and manage relationships between students and providers to ensure they are educationally sound. This person will provide a direct contact for each student enrolled in the Project course at the organisation to ensure quality, consistency and work relevance of the learning.

The learning within the Project is strongly influenced by current business practices. Students must secure an agreement from a collaborating organisation, prepare a research proposal, collect and analyse data gathered, and complete a Research Report.

Students already in the workplace may be able to base the Project in their workplace. The suitability of their workplace will be a key determinant in approving this, as it must allow a Project to be completed which relates to their Graduate Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree.

Students are expected to contact their Academic Supervisor and business partner regularly. These meetings could be face-to-face, via email, or phone.

Students will be supported to find their own placement for the Industry Project.  WelTec will assist in providing industry contacts to students but it will be the student‘s responsibility to facilitate contact. Mentoring will be provided to students to assist them with preparing to find placements. This will include methods to be used in initiating contact. The student will also receive assistance to ensure that they are able to make the most of the placement period in terms of personal growth. Students will be appraised by the organisation using a standard form. This appraisal will be discussed with the student and Academic Supervisor in order to assist them to prepare to enter the job market.

The Project is an individual piece of work. Where more than one student is working with the same organisation, an unrelated individual project must be completed.

Feedback to Students

Feedback will be provided by the Course Coordinator and the Academic Supervisor. This will include feedback on the progress of the Project, as well as comments regarding the Performance Appraisal as completed by the organisation.

Assessment of the Industry Project

Assessments for the written components of the Project are described in the Course Descriptor. It is acceptable for primary data to be acquired in a language other than English, but all assessments will be written in English.

The student will need to present their research results to the Project assessment panel. This would normally be done face-to-face; however alternative communication tools such as video conferencing could be used.

The Project assessment panel must include the Course Coordinator and will normally include the Academic Supervisor.

It is the student’s responsibility to arrange a suitable time for this assessment, such that all members can attend. Furthermore the student will be required to supply appropriate documentation prior to the assessment so that panel members can preview project results.