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Overview of the Wellington Ceremony


You are required to report to the venue one hour prior to your ceremony.

It is strongly advised that handbags, flowers etc. be given to parents, spouses etc. prior to registration and assembly. Graduates must have their hands free when on stage and may not be seated in the same seats after presentation of their certificate/degree/diploma.

Please head to the registration area so that you can be recorded as still attending for the official presentation list.

Auditorium Procession
Prior to the start of the ceremony all graduands will be lined up in correct sequence of their graduation. A final check of names will be carried out by the marshals, which may result in some final reordering. This may seem tedious, BUT is a very important process. Graduands are asked to cooperate and listen to instructions; this will ensure you are awarded certificate/diploma/degree on stage.

Each graduand will be part of a group supervised by a marshal who will lead their group into the appropriate seating row. Graduands will proceed into the auditorium after all other officials and guests are seated. It is important that graduands proceed in quickly and quietly and remain standing until instructed to sit.

The Ceremony
The length of the ceremony will vary depending upon the number of graduates, but is generally 1½ - 2 hours. The ceremony commences with a Powhiri and Karakia (blessing) with some speeches of welcome, followed by a guest speaker. The granting of qualifications will follow the official speech (see "the Stage" section below).

The Stage
At the appropriate time, marshals will ask graduands to leave their seats and file quietly to the right hand aisle, lining up in order from the left hand side of the stage.

When your name is called, you should walk directly to the Chairperson of the WelTec Council who will be standing in the centre of the stage.

The Chairperson of the WelTec Council will shake your right hand and if you are graduating with a degree put your hat on. A photo will be taken at that moment.

Next move across to the right hand side of the stage to collect you award and then down the stairs to have another photo taken. After this please return back to the Graduate seating area.

Conclusion of the ceremony
At the conclusion of the presentation of awards being presented there will be a valedictory speech given by a graduate on behalf of the assembled graduates. This will be followed by closing remarks from the CEO and a Karakia Whakamutunga.

The official party will then leave the stage and proceed out of the auditorium. Graduates will leave in procession behind the official party.

You are welcome to join in the celebration and for refreshments. Auckland and Christchurch will follow an abbreviated version of this running order