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Business Services & Research

WelTec has always worked hand-in-hand with industry.  It’s at the heart of everything we do, from providing teaching and learning related to employment; to high-quality, problem-based research that meets the needs of industry; to management and workforce capability development.

Our skills, knowledge, experience and specialist equipment are available to help your business grow and develop. WelTec Connect, the industry service arm of WelTec, offers services in the following areas:

  • Centre for Smart Product provides specialist product research and development services, including technical advice, engineering design, prototyping, and engine performance and emissions testing.

  • Centre for Smart Business offers a range of services to help your business operate more efficiently, including staff training, process efficiency, online testing, project advice, event venues and other business-related services. 

  • Advice on Government funding support and help with applications. WelTec & Otago are the only Institutes accredited to deliver the first phase of the Ministry of Science and Innovation's new Research and Development programme. Find out more here.

  • Contract research and consultancy. 

 Connection Newsletter

WelTec is pleased to publish our 'Connection' magazine linking industry and our stakeholders
with the latest WelTec news and achievements.